From Bump to 2

12 weeks

This program combines both the Bump to Birth and the First Year programs.

Then we expand into the second yer of life.

You'll receive everything included in both those courses plus we'll cover Going Back to Work, Childcare and structuring the new daily routine.

We'll discuss milestones in your baby's learning and we'll discuss potty training.

We'll also learn about brain development throughout your little ones first 2 years.

We'll talk about the best time to change sleeping arrangements and to begin introducing a more structured day to help both you and your child.

I'll show you how getting into nature, and how incorporating messy play into your week is, at the same time, fun, physically and mentally beneficial for you and your child.

I'll help you show your child how to develop their gross motor and fine motor skills.

I'll help you let go of the guilt you might be carrying about not wanting to take time for yourself. it's important for everyone to recharge, even parents.

We'll also cover the importance of maintaining your relationship with each other as a couple as I know this can be put at the bottom of the to-do list.

Lastly we'll chat about keeping on top of all the usual things you had to do before the baby came along, such as housework and time for friends.

I provide a FREE first consultation to see if we'd all like to work together. Then there's a couple of questionnaires to fill out before we can get started.

Each week, throughout the program, You'll receive a care package containing products to help with parenting, bits for your ever growing baby. There'll be worksheets, such as a potty training schedule, weaning food list, information on all aspects of parenting in the first 2 years. There'll be little story ideas and game ideas for you to play with your little one and there'll be a sheet focusing on Taking Time for you and Taking Time for Your Relationship.

You'll also receive full email support and each week there'll be a live Q&A session.

Members are also given access to the facebook group to share ideas and parental experiences with other members of the group.

By the end of the program You'll be able to handle any difficulties you might need to face in the first 2 years.

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