About Me

Family Coach with a Practical approach.

Huggles Hampers offers a Parental Coaching service to help you and your family get back on track.

I'm a coach specialising in relationship problems, parent/child relationships and the importance of family bonding time. We focus on teaching the tips and tricks to run a home and family of any size.

Whether you're expecting your first child and need some support, or You have lots of children at different ages and stages, We're here to help.

We provide care packages focusing on various aspects of interrelationship care and self care. Perhaps you’re dreams of parenthood have turned into a nightmare?

Perhaps you have a child who won't sleep?

Or perhaps you're clashing with your teen?

I am a mother of 5 children and I know how difficult it can be and how life can feel as though it's getting on top of you.

I offer a free one-to-one session to establish how we can best help you. Then you can enter into our 8 week program.

Each week your family will be sent a care package containing relationship advice, parenting cheatsheets, family goals, a variety of products focusing on your family And mindfulness and relaxation suggestions to suit everyone.

Each week I will hold a live Q&A session and every participant in the 8 week program will receive full email support should you have any questions. We also run a Facebook group for members to provide support to each other as they go through this transformational time.

You can contact me by phone, by finding me on Facebook or through my contact form.

I'm looking forward to helping you work through your problems so you and your family can look to the future, facing your challenges head on with renewed confidence.

Making You Feel Better

If your issues with your family are becoming too tough to handle and you’re desperate to change things, look no further. With a life coach you can stop putting up with annoyances that are getting you down, create momentum to help you achieve results, set better goals and free up more time or energy. From your first appointment, I will help you feel much better about life and capable of making a change for the better.